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10 Small (But Mighty) Laundry Stations For An Easier Washday

A spacious dedicated laundry room has a certain appeal, to be sure. But with closet-size laundry stations trending in 2019, designers and homeowners are coming around to the fact that a lot can be done in a surprisingly compact space — freeing up more square footage for other uses. Take a gander at these 10 little-but-hardworking laundry rooms and then tell us whether you could see any of these setups working well in your home.
Interior Design | Home Staging Latest News Trending Articles

10 Genius Ways To Double Your Closet Space & Get Ready Faster

No matter how many times you comb through your bedroom closet, carefully pulling dresses to donate and tossing mismatched socks, there never seems to be enough room. Our dreams of neatly arranged tops and orderly rows of shoes can quickly end up in a messy pile when our wardrobes exceed our storage space. However, your closet may be bigger than you think. If you’re folding pants, storing scarves inside drawers, and keeping out-of-season clothing on display, you could be wasting space.

1. Divide and Conquer Drawers

If drawers aren’t equipped with dividers, they easily become a mishmash of belts, socks, and undergarments to hunt through every morning. “When everything has its place, you’ll spend less time pawing through your clothes and accessories looking for what you want. An organized closet makes getting dressed and packing for trips a breeze!” says designer Annie Selke. Invest the time now to get your closet clutter under control, and you’ll save minutes every single morning. The first step: take inventory of what you own. “Be honest about the number of items you want to store,” she recommends, and then plan your storage system accordingly. Once these organizers are in place, you can kiss the formerly messy sock drawer adieu.

Slotted Interlocking Drawer Organizers
Annie Selke swears by this customizable interlocking system. “Each square gets a single item, so everything is separated—perfect for socks and undergarments,” she explains.  

To maximize every square inch, we’ve rounded up some brilliant organizing techniques and the containers that make it easy to maintain them. With these strategies up your sleeve, your bedroom closet will feel surprisingly spacious.